Letter Lounge

Group Information


Monthly on Rotating Days


9 AM – 10 AM



$5 donation




Group Description

Step into a sanctuary of handwritten expression and heartfelt connection at The Letter Lounge! In a world dominated by digital communication, we invite you to rediscover the timeless art of letter writing and the joy it brings.


Every month, on rotating days, our doors swing open to all who yearn for authentic connections and meaningful conversations. Whether you’re crafting missives to politicians, seeking out new pen pals, or simply sharing thoughts with a friend, The Letter Lounge offers a space brimming with inspiration and camaraderie. Bring your own stationary or use some of ours.


The first hour is dedicated to checking in and then quietly corresponding. Directly after, we will open the space to all who want to mingle with writers of all stripes. Enjoy coffee; snacks to share are welcomed.


More than just a gathering, The Letter Lounge is a celebration of empathy, understanding, and the power of written word to transcend barriers. So mark your calendars, dust off your favorite fountain pen, and join us for an morning of inspired correspondence and community.


Cost is a $5 donation or donation of stationary or stamps.


Note: This group begins on Saturday, May 4!


How to Join

Please register for this group by clicking here.


NOTE: Join us for a Mix & Mingle afterwards (10 AM – 11 AM) for FREE! Feel free to bring snacks to share.


Policies regarding registration, refunds, cancellations, etc. can be found on our policies page. If you would like to provide feedback regarding this group, please feel free to complete an evaluation form.