Prose & Poetry at the Park:

A Tradition Upheld

Event Information


Sunday, August 25, 2024


2 PM – 4 PM



Event Description

It started more than twenty years ago when members of the San Diego Writers Cooperative held the first Prose and Poetry in the Park under the shade of the Morton Bay Fig in Balboa Park. Once San Diego Writers, Ink came into being, the annual summer reading became part of our community-base programming and would continue for many years, graced by the hosting of Jihmye Collins and many others through the years. Now, as Writers, Ink celebrates our 20th Anniversary, we’re delighted to collaborate with Poets at the Grove, a monthly poetry reading hosted by Deborah Ramos, for a special presentation of Prose and Poetry in the Park. Michael Klam and Karla Cordova will serve as co-hosts, and everyone is invited for this open mic celebration.
You can find Poets at the Grove on the west side of Balboa park in the Cypress Grove Picnic Area, on Balboa Drive, near the intersection of Quince and 6th Avenue. Balboa Drive and 6th Avenue run parallel to one another, and there is free parking on both streets. The Grove is north of the Laurel Street Bridge and Lawn Bowling area. Bring a friend, a chair, a blanket and anything else that will support your comfort. Accessible to all.