Headshot of Jeniffer Thompson.
Jeniffer Thompson

Jeniffer is a personal branding expert, digital marketing strategist and the host of The Premise podcast. She is an award-winning author and speaker who delivers strategy-rich content and actionable tools that educate and empower authors. With a BA in Journalism from SDSU, Jeniffer is an ardent believer in the power of storytelling—she is always looking for, or telling, a story. She believes that story has the power to develop a greater sense of empathy, transform us, and build community.


Jeniffer is passionate about helping authors establish highly visible brands. She and her husband, Chad, co-founded Monkey C Media in 2004 and have been creating award-winning book cover designs and author websites ever since. They specialize in author services that integrate digital marketing strategies and engage readers all over the world.


She is a co-founder of the San Diego Writers Festival, serves on the board of the San Diego Memoir Writers Association, and is currently writing her own coming of age memoir.


Jeniffer is a rock climber and thrill seeker. She and Chad live in San Diego with their persnickety Manx cat, Mishka, and three fluffy chickens who love to follow her around and give her delicious eggs almost everyday.


For Author Website and design services, visit monkeyCmedia.com; for brand strategy tips and digital marketing insight, subscribe to her blog at JenifferThompson.com; listen to her podcast at ThePremisePod.com.