Headshot of Puja Shah.
Puja Shah

Puja is a visionary poet who shares her voice through written and spoken word, guided meditations, and teaching. Born in Queens, New York to immigrant parents, she defied teachers who questioned her English skills by winning countless poetry and short story awards in her youth. With over 10 years of nonprofit experience and a long public health career, she has created a campaign aligned with girls rights awareness causes for her triple award winning novel, For My Sister.


Puja holds a D.M.D. doctorate degree and has completed multiple training courses in yoga, meditation and ancient wisdom. She teaches corporate mindfulness guided meditations and her previously published children’s books have been used in children’s yoga classes.


Puja is currently president of The Shah Education and Exploration Foundation, 501c3. For My Sister is her first novel. For more info on Puja’s work, visit www.puja-shah.com.