Headshot of Dana Reece.
Dana Reece

Dana Reece (Prempal Kaur), PhD, holds advanced degrees in writing, literature, and education. She is a college professor as well as being a 3HO, KRI, and Yoga Alliance certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and an Inner Space Technique (IST) Practitioner.


Dr. Reece has over 25 years’ experience in writing/coaching writers as well as over 14 years’ experience in meditation and the practice of inner alchemical techniques designed to develop and strengthen the energetic body. She has completed graduate-level leadership training and taught dozens of college-level goal-setting workshops, having completed additional training with several masters of personal development, including Peter Drucker, Charles Givens, and Anthony Robbins. In addition to having taught hundreds of college classes as a full-time professor, she has taught public and private Kundalini Yoga classes and led and facilitated group meditations. Additionally, she has mentored numerous writers/aspiring writers in all phases of making time for, envisioning, organizing, and writing short stories, professional articles, Ph.D. dissertations, and both fiction and non-fiction books. She combines spiritual vision and practice with “real-world,” results-oriented practicality.


Dana Reece’s experience in these modalities combines compassion, humor, and a fiery determination to move clients and students through their self-imposed fears and limitations toward clarity and confidence to achieve their highest potential.