Headshot of Jim Moreno.
Jim Moreno

Jim is a teaching artist with San Diego Writers, Ink. He also taught poetry at Arts Connection San Diego where he was voted the Residency Teaching Artist of the Year for 2016-2017. Moreno is on the Advisory Board of the Poetic Medicine Institute in Palo Alto California and a Regional Editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual’s adult, Native American, and Juvenile Hall chapters. Moreno is the author of Dancing in Dissent: Poetry for Activism (Dolphin Calling Press, 2007). He’s co-editor with Mary Kowit and Joseph D. Milosch of Poems that Speak to Us: Selected Poems of Steve Kowit (Garden Oak Press, 2021). As co-editor with Joe Milosch, Jim’s third book, The Activists Poetry Anthology: Selected Poems for Good Trouble (Garden Oak Press, 2022) was published July 18, 2022. Vietnam Veteran Moreno will be providing a virtual pro bono poetry workshop for California veterans in late August or early September. The veterans California community will be welcomed to attend by Poets & Writers magazine. Jim is the host of 2nd Sunday Jihmye Poetry Open Mic at the Spacebar Cafe & Wine Bistro in La Mesa. Contact him at jimpoet@hotmail.comjimpoet.com, or jimmorenopoetryclasses.com. Go to Anchor.FM and do a search for Jim’s podcast, “Make Good Trouble.”  There you’ll find 17 interviews with poets, artists, and activists for social justice.