Dana Wing Lau

Dana is a multi-hyphenate creator and storyteller. She has two decades’ worth of experience on stage and screen. She has always had a natural passion for discovering what keeps a person motivated, goal setting, and resilience.


As she began booking commercial and print jobs after graduating college, she began to hone the skills needed to be a working actor. Of course, training served her for the craft of acting itself, but the grind and hustle of being an actor, a freelancer, a business (that at times wasn’t making a living business wage) was something that wasn’t learned at school. Now going into her third decade of being a working actor she is able to effectively combine the craft and art with the business side. The blending of these two fundamental values is something that Dana strives to bring in her own teaching and coaching of students and clients.


Dana has taught at a variety of organizations (San Diego Juinor Theatre, Playwrights Project, SDWI, O’Farrell Charter School, ZACH Theatre). She has experience working in the SPED department and with populations with different learning disabilities. While working with these organizations, Dana gained experience working with underserved, underrepresented populations as well as incarcerated youth and adults using storytelling and art to heal and create community connections. She has spoken or moderated workshops at various community college arts classes, WIFT Austin, Network Austin Mixer, AARC, and ZACH Theatre. As a private acting coach, Dana focuses on exactly what each individual artist needs (ie. self-taping, commercial auditions, monologues, mindset, and resiliency). Her clients have received callbacks at prestigious institutions such as Carnegie Mellon and major network series. Dana has helped young adults put together audition packages for college programs. She has former students studying at Julliard, TCU, Chapman University, and UNSCA to name a few.


Dana has always strived to bring empathy, compassion, and boldness to anything that she works on. Currently, she is writing a couple of stage plays and a comedy series about pickleball. In addition to a few commercials running, you can catch Dana on UnHUMAN (streaming on Amazon Prime) and in Robert Rodriguez’s latest film, Hypnotic (starring Ben Affleck and Alice Braga), which was screened at SXSW and Cannes. On Fire, which had a world premiere at the Mammoth Film Festival and will be in 2023.


Dana is living up to her self-proclaimed “food monster” moniker by baking and feeding people while dancing to 90s and early 2000s hip hop. Otherwise, you can find her on the pickleball court, wrangling her Muggle husband and cheering for Chelsea.