Headshot of Kirsten Imani Kasai.
Kirsten Imani Kasai

Kirsten (MFA) is the author of four novels: Ice Song, Tattoo, The Book of Blood Magic and Private Pleasures; a short fiction/poetry collection Rhapsody in Snakeskin and a poetry chapbook. Her short fiction, poetry, essays and articles have appeared in numerous print and online publications in the USA, Canada and Romania. Kirsten is the co-founder and editor of Body Parts Magazine, a journal of provocative horror and speculative fiction. An award-winning writer and editor with a decade in print and online publication management, she’s served the literary community as a book and writing coach, speaker/presenter, and as an editor and critique group leader connecting with learners through one-on-one coaching online, in person and via email/phone, lectures, workshops and panel discussions. An avid proponent of the need to support literary citizenship and advocacy in the writing community, she’s dedicated to guiding writers toward the fullest expression of their voice and work.