Headshot of Lisa Monaco Gonzales.
Lisa Monaco Gonzales

Lisa has 20 years of corporate experience from her former career in sales, marketing, and training, working for Fortune 500 companies such as Qualcomm and Verizon. Her second chapter in life began a few years ago when she authored the best-seller, Unbreakable Spirit, with several others. From there, she established her publishing company, SoGo Creation, and decided to publish her own children’s book, which she wrote as a child, called Jesse’s Dream. Her purpose was clear, to teach children how to write and illustrate books and then publish them. She believes there is no time like the present. Why wait to become a published author and illustrator when you have that opportunity as a child? Her program Publish My Book™ is flourishing at many schools and camps across San Diego county. San Diego Writers, Ink is proud to offer this program for your children to experience.