Headshots of Marni Freedman and Tracy J. Jones.
Marni Freedman & Tracy J. Jones

Marni Freedman is a produced, published and award-winning writer. After graduating as an award-winning student from the USC School of Filmic Writing, Marni began her career with her play, Two Goldsteins on Acid, which was produced in Los Angeles. She worked as a script doctor for Fox Searchlight, Disney, and other film companies and worked as a script agent for the Mary Sue Seymour Agency. One of her plays was made into a film, Playing Mona Lisa, and was produced by Disney. She has published articles in several magazines and online sites, worked as a ghostwriter for a “how-to” book series and is currently in demand as a book editor and script doctor. Currently, around San Diego, you can find Marni teaching writing workshops at San Diego Writers, Ink, UCSD Extension and running the popular San Diego Screenwriter’s group, The Writer’s Circle.


Tracy J. Jones is a professional content writer, developmental editor, and writing coach. She is the co-producer, head judge, writing coach, and co-director of the San Diego Memoir Showcase. She co-edits the award-winning San Diego Memoir Showcase anthology, Shaking the TreeBrazenShortMemoir. The fifth volume of Shaking the Tree was published in January 2024. She is a co-instructor for the year-long Memoir Certificate program at San Diego Writers, Ink, and runs three writing groups. She is the President and a founding board member of the International Memoir Writers Association. Tracy is the Warwick’s + San Diego Writers Festival Book Club interviewer. She can be reached at tjjones1@gmail.com.