Maggie Espinosa

Staying power in the coveted travel industry is muy dificil. But travel journalist Maggie has managed to pivot during her 22-year career and stay relevant…even trendy! Starting in the field when newspapers were king and podcasts didn’t exist, she cut her teeth at the Oakland Tribune, Mercury News, SD U/T, countless magazines, KPBS, XETV, KUSI, and Travel Channel.


Skills Maggie learned through the years segued into solely an online presence. She’s turned herself into a brand and sees the changes as exciting. It’s not unusual for her to discuss meta descriptions and affiliate marketing with millennials. Or, concur Yoast SEO transition words are the bane of bloggers existence!


Maggie continues to expand her offerings. What started as a monthly travel column in 2001, has flourished into a business. This includes a website, the Global Personal Shopper online store, thousands of social media followers, consulting, and running the “Travel Writer’s Pad” Airbnb in La Mesa, CA.


Maggie has published two travel guides. First, The Privileged Pooch, Luxury Travel With Your Pet in Southern California. And recently, On A Mission about her 800-mile walk (yup, walk! Loco) to visit California’s 21 missions along the El Camino Real.


Also, in a commitment to her field, four years ago she enrolled in SDSU’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Master’s program, earning her degree and graduating summa cum laude.