Connecting with the Reader’s Emotional Journey

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Thursday, July 11, 2024


6 PM – 8 PM


One Day Only!


Zoom (Live)








Class Description

In the writing world tropes are sometimes dismissed as being cliche or, horror of horrors, as commercial. You bet your booty they are. Tropes are cliches because they work. They are plot themes that readers have proven are favorites. And much as we writers like to think of ourselves as creative and artistic, we also want to make money doing it. Which means using tropes to sell our work, in our plotting, in our titles and in our blurbs. In this workshop we will identify some of the leading plot tropes, outline the reader expectations of those tropes and explore other trope tools that will assist in plugging plot holes. I invite you to strap on your writer’s toolbelt and prepare to sharpen a much used tool.


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