Poetry V (Saturdays):
Publishing, Reading, Record Keeping & Your Manuscript

Class Information


First class starts on Saturday, April 20, 2024


1 PM – 4 PM


Five Sessions

Saturdays, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11 & 5/18


Zoom (Live)








Group Description

Note: Though this class is offered as part of the Certificate in Poetrythere is no pre-requisite to join this class. All students, members, and nonmembers are encouraged to enroll.


In this final workshop of the Certificate in Poetry program, the student will concentrate on the design of a publishable manuscript. The student will continue workshopping poems, reading and analyzing books of poetry, providing valuable comment and feedback on each other’s manuscripts. Further, the student will discover publishing sources for individual poems and contests for chapbook and complete book manuscripts, the necessary recordkeeping for this endeavor, and practice how to give a professional poetry reading.


For students not ready to compile a manuscript, each class also includes a writing prompt, short lesson or introduction to a poet, and a read & critique session.


  • Each participant will choose one poetry craft book and submit by week 5, a one to two page analysis of the book.
  • Poem prompts will be given each week with the anticipation that the participants will generate new work.
  • Students will prepare a number of copies of their completed manuscript for distribution to the other students at the end of class three.
  • Participants are expected to actively participate in the read and critique portions of the workshop for both individual poems and manuscripts.




Upon completion of this workshop, you will have


  1. Finalized the formation of a publishable manuscript
  2. Developed a poetry record-keeping procedure
  3. Submitted poems to three different publications
  4. Participated in a read and critique of student manuscripts
  5. Practiced giving a professional poetry reading
  6. Read and analyzed one book of poetry craft




Introduction to Poetry V. Review tips for evaluating a book of poetry, poem critique, workshop etiquette. Where to send your poems and manuscript. Read and critique workshop if time allows.


Homework: Pick/order your one poetry craft book. Begin to craft/organize your poems for the manuscript you will distribute to students at class end, week three. (the number of
copies to be determined by the number of students)





  • Record keeping and analysis of manuscript
  • Read and critique workshop




  • How to give a poetry reading




  • Manuscript workshop
  • Read and critique manuscript workshop




  • Manuscript workshop
  • Read and critique manuscript workshop
  • Class celebration!

Certificate Discount

If you buy all five of the workshops in the certificate separately, the total cost amounts to $1,350. If you purchase all five of them as a package, you will receive a 20% discount and will only pay a total of $1,080. This discount is only good for members.


Please note that you will receive your Zoom link via email 24 hours before the start of this class. If you enroll in this class less than 24 hours before it begins, please either send us a message or email us at programs@sandiegowriters.org to request your link.


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