20 Journaling Prompts for Summer

July 1, 2024

Freedom at last! As June gloom finally turns into June bloom, your entire environment changes! Regardless if you have time off or the usual busy schedule, summer brings about endless opportunities in the writing world. As the UV goes up, your potential writing prompts go up with it. Need some guidance? Look no further. Read on to find 20 awesome journaling prompts that are perfectly on theme for summer.





1) 5 Senses

A year round prompt, but a classic nonetheless! With the leaves changing to a lush green color, and the smell of sunscreen filling your surroundings, your senses go off the charts during summer. Take some time to really dive into each of them, what are some things you hear, smell, see? Jot down a few and talk about how they make you feel. Does the sound of more children playing during the day joyous, or annoying? To each their own!


2) Favorite Summer Snack 

The best thing about summer has got to be all the food. Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and more! Eating a fresh watermelon on a hot summer day has got to be the best feeling ever. What’s your favorite summer snack? Is the snack sweet, fruity, sour? Why is it best fit for summer? If you make something, be sure to save some for us. 😉


3) Dream Summer Camp Idea

Whether you’re a counselor or a student, summer camps are always a blast, because they are all so different! Art camp, sleepaway camp, surf camp, science camp, you name it! If you were to make a summer camp, what would it be like? Would there be a strict schedule, counselors to help you? Let your imagination go wild.


4) Ideal Summer Day

Another great thing about summer is the potential freedom. Even if you are wrapped up in a busy schedule, what would your ideal summer day look like? Would it be spent in bed, at a beautiful tropical resort, or a mix of the two? Craft the perfect day, personal to YOU. Don’t forget time stamps, a good schedule always comes in handy.


5) Summer Animal  

Question time. If the entire season of summer were to be an animal, what would it be and why? What creature captures the true embodiment of summer, as you so see it. Maybe a dolphin because it lives in the ocean? A parrot because of all the bright colors? Let us know!


6) Goals!

I know you have some secret New Year’s Resolution stored in the back of your brain. Be honest with yourself, how is that going right now? If you’re on track, awesome! Write about how you’ve been staying on top of it, and how you plan to continue to do so. If you left it in 2023, don’t worry! Talk about what led you to do so, and if you can, how you plan to get back with it in the future. If I was able to get off my phone for a whole day, you can do anything. 


7) Fair Ride Idea

The San Diego Fair is always a blast! Spending a ridiculous amount of money on rigged games, insane food, and untrustworthy rides is truly a one day in the year phenomenon. Instead of being a fair goer, for this prompt, imagine you are the architect. If you could design any fair ride, how would it go? A crazy rollercoaster is always fun, or a simple bumper car spin off is great too. What colors would the ride be, how fast would it go? The fair is your oyster. 


8) Summer Playlist

A new season calls for a new playlist! Talk about your top 3 songs for summer, and why they’re your top 3. What specifically about them screams SUMMER? Are they long time favorites, or are you just getting into them? Who are the songs by? Drop the playlist so we can all listen along too!


9) Dream Vacation Spot

All bets off, if you could go absolutely anywhere for summer, where would you go and why? Really think about this one. You can even do some research and plan out the potential  expenses behind it, for fun or for real. Could you do a tropical Costa Rican getaway and explore hiking trails with exotic animals? Or maybe Greece is more your vibe, dancing the night away and having a perfect drink on the beach. Tell us everything.


10) Beach or Pool Debate 

How many times have you heard this question in your life? Truly answer for us; which is better, the beach or the pool? Give some actual reasoning, and if it depends on a certain situation, why? We’re expecting a whole argumentative essay here, folks—high school English, here we come again! 


11) Favorite Way to Keep Cool

If there is one guarantee about summer, it is definitely the sun! Although a tan sounds great, after about 30 minutes, a dip in the pool sounds way better. Are you a lay in the shade person, or maybe a water bottle sprayer on the go? Write about your favorite way to keep cool over the summer. As someone who only burns instead of tans, a little advice would be greatly appreciated. 


12) Coolest Shell

As a San Diegan, the amount of awesome shells found on the beach throughout the year is insane. Whether you’re an avid shell collector or have seen a few, write about the coolest shell you have ever seen. What colors does it have? Where did you find it? What does the shape look like? The beach itself is a blessing, but the treasures it holds are definitely worth writing about.


13) Summer Mascot

Easter has the Easter Bunny. Christmas has Santa. If summer were to have a mascot, what would its mascot be? Think creatively; don’t just say the sun. Describe the features of the character, would it be a person, an animal, an object? Would it leave presents or bring fresh fruit on a hot day? The possibilities are endless!


14) Ice Cream Flavor

Ice Cream has got to be a summer staple; it is literally the ‘sweet treat’ of the season. Let’s go back to earlier and become the architect for a second. If you could make an ice cream flavor, what would it be? Give us the name, how it would taste, how much it would cost, etc; If this turns into a potential business idea, I call being the taste tester!


15) Summer Drink

Picture it, you’re laying out on the beach, with the smell of salt surrounding you. The sound of waves crashing acts as a lullaby, and right before you drift off to sleep, you take a sip of the best tasting drink you’ve ever had in your entire life. Your taste buds go off into a frenzy, craving another sip, and this drink has just become your #1 recommendation to everyone. What is the drink? Whether it’s preexisting or made up, write about the flavorful creation. Everyone needs a signature summer drink, so tell us about yours!


16) Earliest Summer Memory

As a kid, summer seems like a fantasy story. Being able to play all day and sleep soundly at night, nothing in the world could compare to summer. Take some time and head down memory lane to reflect on your earliest summer memory. Describe what was going on around you, who is in the memory, and why you think you remember it. Nostalgia is a comfort and a curse, but there’s no harm in reflecting over the good times.


17) Leaf Poem

Calling all poets! Write a poem about a deeper meaning behind the leaves turning auburn, and falling off their trees. This one would probably be more of an August prompt, but tell us your view on the situation. Create some whimsical poetry divulging into the deeper meaning behind the seasons changing, and why we are unable to stay in one spot forever. If poetry isn’t your thing, write a simple analysis on the change. Do you wish you could stay in summer forever, or is there a time and a place to move on? How do the leaves connect to that? Let us know!


18) Dream Summer Job

After a time, sitting around and doing nothing can get a tad boring. If you had to pick a summer job, what would it be and why? Maybe a lifeguard who could sit and tan all day, or a florist selling newly bloomed flowers. Why that job specifically? What about it strikes your interest with regards to summer? And yes, if chilling really is your thing, you are allowed to say a teacher. 


19) 4th of July

A day for fireworks, freedom, and food! Nothing says summer like the 4th of July. How do you like to spend the day? Are you a barbequing machine, a chillaxin by the pool, or a getting crushed by waves type of person? What’s your favorite thing to eat on the holiday? Personally, hand me a 4th of July hot dog, and I’ll never complain again.


20) The One Word

Finally, if one word could symbolize the entirety of summer, what would the word be and why? Write about how the word relates to the season, and why you represent it with summer as opposed to anything else? Explain the origin of the word, give us a whole vocabulary lesson. Regardless of the journaling prompt, the one thing they all have in common is words, so let’s focus on them for a change. 



We hope you all love these prompts as much as we do! Journaling is great year round, but there really is something special and fun about summer prompts. Have a great summer everybody, and seriously, hit us up if you make that ice cream flavor!

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