An Interview with Puja Shah:

Questions on the Summer Writing Workshop for Preteens & Teens

June 29, 2024

San Diego Writers, Ink invites your child to spend a day writing with Puja Shah! Shah is a decorated author and yoga instructor. She has a triple award-winning book titled For My Sister and two children’s books. She’s answered a few questions to get you a little more informed and excited about the workshop on Saturday, July 20.



Kristina Markovska: Other than lunch and writing utensils, what do you hope kids will bring to the writing workshop?


Puja Shah: My hope is that kids come to a place where they can express themselves and find imagination through their writing.


KM: You’re well versed in meditation and yoga. Will mindfulness practices from those be shared with the group?


PS: Yes, I begin writing sessions by leading a mindfulness guided meditation. It allows for centered thought and access to creativity.


KM: How much time will be dedicated to writing? Will it be a free-write or with a prompt?


PS: We will spend half the time in free writing time slots where I will have writing prompts as well as a writing game.


KM: You’re predominantly a poet and short story writer. Will this be reflected in the workshop happenings?


PS: Yes, I will share about poetry, short story writing and novel writing. The kids will be able to write anything they’d like to work on during the free write.


KM: You were a D.M.D. before turning to writing. Will you have career wisdom to share with the group?


PS: I offer time for open discussion time and can answer any questions kids have on their own career.


KM: As an author of children’s books, do you encourage kids to write their own? How will this be shared with the ones in the workshop?


PS: I will be sharing info on self-publishing tips, as my children’s books were both self published, for any kids looking to do so. I will not share too much on writing cold query letters and getting my novel published with a publisher, since it won’t be as relevant to this age group.


KM: Above all, what made you decide to host this workshop? Do you hope to see yourself, young and full of talent, just needing some support, in the kids?


PS: I used to teach children’s yoga in local schools; that was so fun, and I hope to have a fun workshop for creativity. As a young girl, I loved writing, and know I would have been happy with a day like this. Now as a mother myself, I love teaching kids about building their creative aspirations and igniting the curiosity of learning more on their craft. My preteen daughter will be joining me at this workshop as well!



Shah and SDWI are excited to have you! This is a great opportunity for your child to connect with their inner writer and explore what the San Diego area has to offer. Learn more about the workshop and sign up here.

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