20 Singer-Songwriter Tracks to Inspire Your Summer Writing

June 21, 2024

One of my favorite things about storytelling is how different art forms inspire each other. Whether you’ve hit a wall on a new project or just need some fresh inspiration, here is a list of 20 singer-songwriters tracks I believe could inspire your next project; feel free to use the featured lyric from each song as your writing prompt!



1. “foreign language” by runo plum

“I’ve been thinking / ‘bout when I was young / Backtracking to where it all begun”


2. “I have more than enough” by Searows

“I can feel it / The cup is almost full now / With all the shiny things I have now”


3. “The Elevator” by Lizzy McAlpine

“It wasn’t slow, it happened fast / And suddenly, the only thing I saw was you”


4. “Massachusetts” by Jensen McRae

“You broke me to pieces, but I root for you / Even though everything went up in flames / I’ll never forget how I bloomed for your gaze / Or your wall of guitars or your video games”


5. “June Gloom” by Alix Page

“I sat down / Made a list of all the things I care about / Think I mentioned “Scott Street” and Springsteen / And I wrote your name twice”


6. “why did you invite me to your wedding” by Kevin Atwater

“I used to break wishbones and pray that you liked me / And went to away games to pretend I liked fighting / You’d scan the crowd for my face with your eyes”


7. “I Hate It Here” by Taylor Swift

“I hate it here so I will go to / secret gardens in my mind / people need a key to get to / the only one is mine”


8. “Sadness As A Gift” by Adrienne Lenker

“You could write me someday, and I bet you will / We could see the sadness as a gift”


9. “All At Once” by Kaleah Lee

“The current pulls you forward / And you’re real again / Oh, I wanted to feel something, feel something / All at once”


10. “Gracie” by Shallow Alcove

“I’m driving down the streets I used to bike and treat or treat / Every garland I string up to tie myself to me”


11. “Room For You” by Ber

“I can’t see the floor anymore / And there’s boxes on boxes they’re stacked up / Somebody else lived here before you / Took me two years to pack up / But I’ll make space for you”


12. “Surround Sound” by Grace Gardner

“If I could, I’d ask you today / Letting your guard down / Watching TV in surround sound / You can hear it bouncing off of the walls”


13. “People Always Change” by Tiny Habits

“People always change / Always stay the same / People never walk away the way they came”


14. “Close To You” By Gracie Abrams

“I burn for you / And you don’t even know my name”


15.“songs about you” by nobody likes you pat

“I’ve been writing words I mean / But I lose my rhythm when you leave / Don’t ever let me go / You’re the music I need most”


16.“One Less Question” by Madi Diaz, Lennon Stella

“Are we flesh and bone? Are we just a dream / Are we lost or found, or somewhere in between?”


17.“Deeper Well” by Kacey Musgraves

“Took a long time, but I learned / There’s two kinds of people, one is a giver / And one’s always trying to take”


18.“When She Calls My Name” by Georgia Parker

“Whenever I picture / Myself at something like five years old / Dreams only getting bigger and braver and clearer”


19.“if u want” by Keni Titus

“If you want, I could fit right in the gaps of your teeth / If you want, cover my mouth so there’s more air to breathe”


20.“I Look in People’s Windows” by Taylor Swift

“A feather taken by the wind blowing / I’m afflicted by the not knowing so / I look in people’s windows / Transfixed by rose golden glows”



Be sure to check out my Spotify playlist with all of these songs HERE!

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