Kensington in Four Words

May 22, 2024

When I was a little kid, I ironically hated Kensington—the straight and narrow roads, the countless houses and apartments almost everywhere you turned, and the repetitive nature of it all that doesn’t quite hit the dopamine levels of uniqueness a young kid enjoys so much. As I grew older, however, I realized just how incorrect I was all that time. Kensington is a genuinely beautiful, calming, and peaceful neighborhood, a place to truly marvel at. Its strong sense of community makes for a cozy and fun environment with many places to visit and explore. Below are my personal three favorite places to go while in Kensington, each of which I highly recommend you go to if you ever decide to visit. 



1. Stehly Farms Market (4142 Adams Ave UNIT 101, San Diego, CA 92116)

Stehly Farms Market is a niche grocery store focused on organic and natural products, and yet, that isn’t even all it has to offer. While this store could very well substitute whatever grocery store you currently go to for everyday items, its real allure and specialty comes in its full-service, farm-to-table kitchen, deli and juice bar. With an all organic produce department, you have access to a variety of options including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Their kitchen is open every day of the week, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all. They even have a full-service bakery. I mean, what’s more to want? If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe one of their many five star reviews: “Best selection of produce, friendly staff, neighborhood vibe.” Stehly Farms Market is sold on that small neighborhood feeling with the best of quality nowhere else to be found. 


2. Kensington-Normal Heights Branch Library (4121 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116)

Not too distant from the previous entry is the public Kensington Library, a staple of the community. This library is one that will evoke feelings of interest, serenity, and community into you as you walk through its relatively narrow but well sanctioned isles. While certainly not the biggest library in the world, its size is exactly what provides its charm of being unique only to a place such as Kensington. Step inside, grab a book, and sit down and relax in the steady and calm environment of a truly wondrous locale.


3. The Large Christmas Tree (4121 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116)

Directly next to the Kensington library is a ginormous Canary Island Pine tree. While the tree itself has gone unnamed, it remains a beloved local landmark celebrated by the citizens of Kensington each year during the festive Christmas season. The reason for this is due to how the tree is adorned with colorful lights all year round but only activates at night during the holiday season. This tradition of lighting up the tree each year has become a significant and major community event, supported by local associations and residents alike. Even if you can’t visit during Christmas time, it’s worth checking out the tree for its raw beauty and spectacle, as it’s sure to awe you. 



In the end, Kensington is more than just a nice neighborhood to live in; it’s a truly magnificent place filled with community and joy everywhere. If you and/or your family are looking for a nice place to visit and relax in, Kensington may yet be exactly what you’re looking for. 

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