20 Writing Museums to Visit

May 21, 2024

Museums have long been a tool for individuals to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, experiences, and realms of knowledge, but when it comes to literature, there isn’t much for the most avid reader or writer. That is, until now. Here is a list of 20 different literary based museums you can visit!



1. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Arguably the greatest poet and playwright of all time, Shakespeare would undeniably be one to have his own dedicated museum. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is an independent charity that celebrates every aspect of Shakespeare, from his life work to live reenactments and plays.

Location: Stratford-upon-Avon, England


2. The Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House

Louisa May Alcott and her iconic staple Little Women is something you can experience yourself at this location. Guided tours take visitors across the Orchard House, the home in which the book was written, introducing them to the surroundings and pieces of influence that brought the book to life. 

Location: Concord, Massachusetts


3. The Jane Austen’s House Museum

This museum is dedicated to preserving and displaying the works of Jane Austen, as well as the providing of programs to inspire and teach based on the global influence she and her novels had. 

Location: Chawton, England


4. The Mark Twain House & Museum

The mansion and museum in Mark Twain’s name allow you to explore the man who changed the way the world sees America and the way Americans see themselves. From being able to take a guided tour, to learning about Mark’s historical and impactful works, all the way to having the ability to purchase exclusive pieces based around him, this is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up. 

Location: Hartford, Connecticut


5. The James Joyce Centre

Offering both online and in person events, the James Joyce Centre is the definitive learning experience when it comes to the legacy of one of the world’s greatest writers: James Joyce himself. Walking tours, exhibitions, workshops, and lectures are just some of the varying activities one can experience at this museum. 

Location: Dublin, Ireland


6. The Emily Dickinson Museum

The Emily Dickinson Museum comprises two historic houses associated with the legendary poet of the same name, allowing you to undergo distinctive tours, lively programs, and vibrant exploration experiences. 

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts


7. The Franz Kafka Museum

One of the greatest figures in 20th century literature is delved into and explored at this museum, consisting of an exhibition with two unique sections: Existential Space and Imaginary Topography. The former delves into the great writer’s life and his potential inspirations, while the latter explores the iconic and certainly unique settings his pieces have been associated with. 

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


8. The National Steinbeck Center

One of the largest literary museums in the United States can be found here, dedicated to the author largely recognized for his perception of the “common man,” John Steinbeck. The museum attempts to create a shared space for his writings while aiming to launch and inspire successful literary and educational programming.

Location: Salinas, California


9. The National Museum of Edgar Allan Poe

Known for his horror genre poems and literary works that brought something new and exciting to the world, the National Museum of Edgar Allan Poe aims to illuminate the wonders of this writer to the rest of the world. Featuring exhibitions of his home, a shrine in his name, an Enchanted Garden based on one of his poems, and so much more. Get ready to delve into something truly terrifying with this museum.

Location: Richmond, Virginia


10. The Hans Christian Andersen Museum

The house of Hans Christian Andersen is one of the most immersive and unique experiences to be found with a writer of fairy-tales as he was. Bearing witness to even a single aspect of his house will burst your mind with boundless creativity, as the beauty of the home captures your mind. With that, if you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be in a home inspired by the magical nature and wonders of fairy-tales, this is the place for you!

Location: Odense, Denmark


11. The Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford

Come on over to explore the giant castle associated with Scott, a preservation effort meant to keep the iconic figure’s legacy running, as well as depicting the vast collection of books and manuscripts collected. The writer’s library alone will definitely leave you with more than enough to enjoy. 

Location: Melrose, Scotland


12. The Oscar Wilde House

Explore the educational center based on the world famous Oscar Wilde and his former house, delving deep into his world inspiring pieces of literature. You can also learn about his various artistic achievements, the many trials he endured, and just exactly how he impacted the world. 

Location: Dublin, Ireland


13. The Haruki Murakami Library

Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami with a museum that explores and explains his unique storytelling style that has long been loved and admired by millions. The museum offers a deep dive into his literary universe as well as his inspirations. After all, there’s a reason why a short film was made based around him. 

Location: Tokyo, Japan


14. The Agatha Christie Museum

Get ready to dive into a world of mystery and the unknown with Agatha Christie, the best-selling novelist of all time with 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections, amassing over a billion copies sold in English and in translation. With many of her stories being adapted into films as well, this museum is the perfect opportunity to learn exactly how she became so successful, as well as what inspired her to create the novels she did. 

Location: The Agatha Christie Museum


15. The Pablo Neruda House

The Pablo Neruda House is an intriguing exploration of the successful Spanish poet himself, Pablo Neruda. Get ready to experience the world of his wild collection of art, poems, personal artifacts, and more. If you know Spanish, you’ll undoubtedly have a grand time, as you’ll be able to experience his many influential works authentically.

Location: Santiago, Chile


16. The Charles Dickens Museum 

This museum explores the man who essentially popularized Christmas as a holiday in Britain and America, as well as promoting some of the Christmas customs still enjoyed today, such as eating turkeys and gift giving, all through his singular book A Christmas Carol. Evidently, this man is the world renowned English novelist, Charles Dickens. Through this museum, you’ll also be able to explore and learn more about the social issues he wrote about, many of which are still contemporary problems today, depicting the literary genius Dickens was. 

Location: London, England


17. The Fitzgerald Museum

The Fitzgeralds are renowned American artists responsible for historical and cultural works published during the “Roaring Twenties.” This museum will really allow you to step into an age of jazz, with an even more immersive experience being optional through the ability to book a suite on the upper floor of the museum. 

Location: Montgomery, Alabama


18. The Jack Kerouac House

This is the location to immerse yourself in the rich and diverse world of iconic American author, Jack Kerouac, which is where he also wrote his insanely influential novel On The Road. If you’re looking for a different experience, however, the house offers several programs, including the likes of writer-in-residence programs.

Location: Orlando, Florida


19. The O. Henry Museum

If you desire clever and humorous short stories, O. Henry might just be what you’re looking for. His museum (which is also his former residence) collects, preserves, and interprets the writer’s artifacts and materials, aiming to both educate and exhibit just exactly how his life contributed to American literature.

Location: Austin, Texas


20. The Louvre Museum

While the Louvre Museum is primarily an art museum, it also retains several significant literary items, focusing on those that have left an undoubtable impact on French culture. Authors including Marcel Proust, Victor Hugo, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry are a few of the authors whose work(s) are featured in the museum. 

Location: Paris, France

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