Three Spectacular Wonders of Liberty Station

May 15, 2024

Liberty Station. What was once a military base occupied by the Navy until 1997 has now become a haven of art, culture, and above all community. Whether you’re intrigued by the culture, history, or amenities the 187,000 square foot campus has to offer, there’s something for each and every individual. 


Liberty Station is home to a lot more than just San Diego Writers, Ink and the countless art exhibits and spaces to explore. I aim to bring three of my personal favorite tenants to the forefront of your minds with this blog.



1. Ana Galena Floral Studio (Barracks 14, Suite 210)

“Spreading Joy in the World One Flower at a Time.” I feel as if this quote best summarizes both Ana Galena and her floral studio. This is a place where love and self-care is expressed through the beautiful art of flowers, “one petal at a time.” In the current day and age, self-love and care can very briskly become something we lack, and Ana’s goal is to bring that everyday love and joy back into our lives. Ana’s passion for flowers has spread primarily to her community, as she aims to support and give back to it in any way she can, using her Hispanic culture and bilingual status to reach a broader audience. 


Through her floral studio, Ana is able to put her 25 years of experience in the industry to work, providing unique opportunities for parents and children alike. She conducts floral workshops, fosters creativity and a deeper appreciation for the art of flower arrangement, facilitates private party floral design activities, partnerships, and more. Ana is integral to maintaining the fostering of love and joy in her community, and I, for one, am happy Liberty Station has her. 


2. Reading Legacies (Barracks 15, Studio 210)

Reading Legacies is the type of place that makes you smile simply because it exists. It’s an organization focused on facilitating the crucial bond between parent and child through the medium of books, typically with family (and friends) reading aloud to one another. The goal is to make it so that all children feel the security of a parent-child bond and relationship, as well as developing a love for reading. Whether the parent is incarcerated or across the country, Reading Legacies wants to keep the connection between parent and child established for the many years to come.


Reading Legacies particularly targets the educational and mental health aspects of the children, youth, and families they work with. Through the simple act of reading aloud, they’ve managed to improve the emotional benefits children receive on a consistent basis, strengthening not just their health and education, but crucially, their bond with their parents. Along with the several programs and volunteering opportunities offered to children and parents respectively, the future of our children is undoubtedly in safe hands.


3. San Diego Brain Injury Foundation (Barracks 16, Suite 205)

The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation (SDBIF) is a non-profit organization meant to be a preeminent resource for brain injury survivors in San Diego County, as well as their caregivers and their families, to provide information, support, education, and community awareness. Their mission is simply to improve the quality of life for brain injury survivors and their families, a specific niche I’m sure numerous are grateful for. 


With a compelling focus on community and being a powerful advocate for those they serve, SDBIF has proven itself to be a valuable resource for those who require it in desperate times. As an anonymous reviewer stated, “The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation provides hope, support and a community to San Diego’s brain injury survival population. The work they do makes a difference in many lives and families.”




When it’s all said and done, Liberty Station is more than just its past and culture; it’s a community that looks out for one another with countless different places and companies to discover and explore. Take a minute or two, and I promise it will be worth it.

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