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May 13, 2024

Here is an update from Kingston Matthews, one of our Spring 2023 ink-terns who is back for another internship this summer!



I’ve been very busy! Since school is getting close to being wrapped up, I had two finals to complete: one for math and one for government. Thankfully, I passed both, but right after that was when my school held an exhibition, where my school basically has the students show off the recent projects to all the parents. After all that was over, I started to focus on college and where I might go; now I’m just checking my email and college portals to see if they’ve gotten back to me yet.


I learned how to manage my time better and to stay consistent. Of course, I’m not perfect at it, but compared to how I managed things before I’d say it’s a lot better. I chose to come back to Writers, Ink because of that community. I’ve never felt as comfortable with sharing my work in any other setting than at San Diego, Writers, Ink.


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