20 Blessings and More for Poets

April 24, 2024

1) May all your free verse get away before the cops come, and all your beautiful lines lead out of town.

2) May your every iamb become an I-am as you revel in the joy of being you.

3) May the poem on which you’ve just given up be accepted by the journal you’ve forgotten.

4) May someone quote your work in a movie that has nothing to do with poetry.

5) May you cause no scandals, and may the greatness you share with the world be your own.

6) May you find the song within you and know that it totally rocks.

7) May the lines you write today be filled with all the joy absent from the ones you wrote last night.

8) May your lonely, troubled words get together, hang out, fool around, and have lots of little words of their own.

9) May the hurt you share in your poems bring you peace.

10) May your words make someone who needs it feel glad to be alive at least a while.

11) May someone interpret a poem of yours in a way that lets you learn something new about yourself.

12) May you have the guts to cut what needs cut and the wisdom to add that one perfect word that says everything.

13) May something inspire you today that takes you out of your comfort zone.

14) May a poem inspire you today. May you write the poem today that inspires someone else. Let’s strive for a chain letter of poetry and inspiration.

15) May the words nest on your pages and make lots of little words that sing to you even when you’re trying to sleep.

16) May you write like hellhounds are on your trail and only your words are runes to ward them off.

17) May the sunrise inspire you, and the sunset, and all that boring sunlight in between.

18) May you finally believe in your work, even when the lies and hammer blows of rejection try their best to make you doubt.

19) May your lovely poems bore the crap out of high-school kids a hundred years from now.

20) May someone’s words overwhelm you with delight. May your words overwhelm someone else with understanding.

21) May poems come to you in time-release capsules so you feel the effects all day.

22) May you write from hunger even when your belly is full.

23) May your favorite poet state publicly a wish to have written your latest poem.

24) May your words today take you on a journey that will need words of its own.

25) May your words earn you dinner and ease your mind enough to let you sleep.

26) May you get what you want of out of writing, but more importantly, may you figure out what that is.

27) May you dance all over the journals that reject you and have a healthy cuddle with those that welcome you in.

28) May you write with honesty even if you’re afraid to lose those words.

29) May someone eat, love, and find rest inside your words.

30) May you build enough momentum to keep writing when the silence comes.



Copyright 2019 Ace Boggess

Ace Boggess’ books include I have Lost the Art of Dreaming It So published by Unsolicited Press.


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