20 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

April 1, 2024

April is National Poetry Month, and we’re celebrating in oh, so many ways. You can, too. Here’s a list of 20 ways to celebrate National Poetry Month. Be sure to check out all the poetry workshops, classes, and readings offered by San Diego Writers, Ink.



1. Write a Poem Every Day: Challenge yourself to write a poem every day throughout the month.


2. Attend Poetry Readings: Look for poetry readings in your area or online and attend them to hear different poets share their work.


3. Create a Poetry Corner: Dedicate a space in your home or community area for sharing and enjoying poetry.


4. Start a Poetry Book Club: Gather friends or colleagues to read and discuss poetry collections together.


5. Host a Poetry Slam: Organize a poetry slam event where poets can perform their work in front of an audience.


6. Share Poems on Social Media: Share your favorite poems or your own poetry on social media platforms to spread awareness.


7. Explore Different Poetic Forms: Experiment with various poetic forms such as sonnets, haikus, or free verse.


8. Visit a Poetry Festival or Conference: Attend a poetry festival or conference to immerse yourself in the world of poetry.


9. Participate in a Poetry Workshop: Join a poetry workshop to enhance your writing skills and receive feedback from others.


10. Create Found Poetry: Make found poetry by selecting and rearranging words or phrases from existing texts like newspapers or magazines.


11. Memorize a Poem: Choose a favorite poem and commit it to memory, or challenge yourself to memorize a new one.


12. Collaborate on Poetry Projects: Work with friends, family, or colleagues on collaborative poetry projects such as a poetry anthology or mural.


13. Support Local Poets: Attend readings by local poets or purchase poetry books from independent bookstores.


14. Write Poetry in Nature: Take a nature walk or sit in a park to find inspiration for writing poetry inspired by the natural world.


15. Listen to Poetry Podcasts: Explore podcasts dedicated to discussing and sharing poetry.


16. Start a Poetry Journal: Begin a journal specifically for recording your thoughts, reflections, and poems throughout National Poetry Month.


17. Create Visual Poetry: Experiment with visual poetry by incorporating elements of design, typography, and imagery into your poems.


18. Host a Poetry Workshop: Share your knowledge and passion for poetry by hosting a poetry writing workshop for others.


19. Write Poems for Loved Ones: Write personalized poems for friends, family members, or loved ones to express your appreciation and affection.


20. Reflect on the Significance of Poetry: Take time to reflect on the importance of poetry in your life and its impact on society as a whole.



You can find out more about National Poetry Month here. Find out more about how to join an online community for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) here.

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