20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Writers

February 11, 2024

February 14th, 2024 is an eventful day to say the least. The day falls on a Wednesday, marks 320 days until the end of the year, and is the infamous celebratory occasion, Valentine’s Day! A day filled with candy, cards, and kisses, Valentine’s Day is a day to focus on appreciating your loved ones around you. When gift giving, individuals tend to gravitate towards chocolate and stuffed animals, but with a writer in your life, you’re gonna need to put in a bit more effort than usual. No idea where to start? Read on to find the Top 20 gifts for writers this Valentine’s Day!



1. An Antique Typewriter

An old fashioned, beautiful, and timeless typewriter will surely romanticize the writing experience! The ‘click’ of the letters will fill not only your pages, but your heart with love!


Link: Antique Typewriter


2. Aqua Notes

Writers come up with ideas anytime, anywhere! Getting a waterproof notepad for random light bulb ideas has to be the most romantic and thoughtful thing ever!


Link: Aqua Notes


3. Papercuts 

No, not an actual papercut! Take Cards Against Humanity and give it a writing twist! This fun card game creates the best book jokes out there, perfect for a nice evening in. 


Link: Papercuts


4. Love Poem Novels

A writer tends to be a reader too! Getting a book filled with love poems is not only thoughtful, yet gives you two a reading activity to do together!


Link: Daily Delights of Love Novel


5. Gift Cards to Local Bookstores

Once again, the writer reader connection! Getting gift cards to local bookstores will give writers the ability to purchase novels they love, and get potential inspiration for an upcoming piece!


6. Blank Journals 

Of course a writer needs a space to write! Provide them with that opportunity, it shows you care for what they love! (You can even make it pink!)


Link: Blank Journals


7. Love Pencils 

A corny heart candy can’t even compete with a love pencil! Keep up the lovely writing with a lovely utensil! 


Link: Love Pencils


8. A Writer’s Clock

A lovely way to tell time, this clock takes a humorous spin on writing, and even reminds your writing loved one when it’s time to spend time with you! Best of both worlds. 


Link: Writer’s Clock


9. A Motivating Writing Poster

What a nice way to show you’re motivating your writing partner! A positive writing poster lets your loved one know you are right there with them, hand cramping and all. 


Link: Poster


10. Heart Stress Balls

Writing is not only a beautiful process, but a stressful one! Like love, it depends on the day, so get them a stress ball to squeeze their tension out on; it’s better than taking it out on you!


Link: Heart Stress Balls


11. Shakespearean Insult Book

All great writers have an innate appreciation for Shakespeare–and his insults! Get the best Shakespearean insult book and have a fun time cracking jokes with each other! A great bonding experience and a great gift! 


Link: Insult Book


12. Writing Dice 

Not having an idea on what to write about leads to an awful writer’s slump, which puts writers in the worst mood. Getting a writing dice will combine different scenarios for potential story ideas! That will surely get your writer out of the awful mood, which will inevitably lead to your happiness as well!


Link: Writing Dice


13. A Pink/Red Fountain Pen 

Grab a pen and incorporate the love spirit with colors! A pink and red shade to match love poems is definitely a lovely combination! 


Link: Pens 


14. Writing Tote Bags 

Find me a writer that hates tote bags, I dare you! A perfect tote bag with a writer’s favorite quote/story is the best gift ever! Carry your books, journals, and love! 


Link: Totes 


15. Adjustable Desk Lamps

Ideas don’t stop, nor do writers! These people can be up till dawn cracking incredible stories, but sitting in one position is definitely uncomfortable. Prevent the neck strain by giving them a way to shift around, it’ll definitely prevent any relationship strains as well! 


Link: Desk Lamp


16. A Clever Candle

Take their aesthetic and put it on a candle! Quote candles, book candles, or even love candles are a perfect way to put your writer in the best writing mood. What’s more romantic than a candle and an open notebook? To a writer, nothing!


17. Handmade Bookmarks 

Writers love sentimental and symbolic acts, so showing your love by making them a book mark has got to be a favorite on this list. They might even get reminded of you while reading, a power almost stronger than love. 


18. Writing Mugs 

After being up all night writing, writers will definitely need a morning coffee! Providing them with a funny quote coffee mug will be the perfect start to their morning, elevating their mood instantly!


Link: Writing Mugs 


19. Bathtub Book Caddy

A romantic bath and a romantic writing set up go hand in hand. Get your writer a place to write, even while relaxing! Their brains are truly nonstop, a gift and a curse for us all. 


Link: Bathtub Book Caddy 


20. Write THEM Something

All writers do is write, and since it’s something they love, imagine how they would feel if someone they loved wrote for them? A romantic gesture like no other, give your writer the same feeling they only wish they can give to others. A story about them, a poem about love, or even a twist on their favorite stories! The possibilities are endless!



There is no way you can complain about not having any ideas now! Take the spirit of love and apply it to shopping by ignoring the red flags! Thanks for reading, and have a great Valentine’s day! 

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