Liberty Station in Four Words:

Surrounded by Daily Beauty

February 5, 2024

If you asked me to describe Liberty Station in a few words, the first thing I would think of is “Surrounded By Daily Beauty.” As someone who has had the privilege to go to school, work, and now intern in Liberty Station, I can’t help but feel a giddy feeling when I see a new mural in progress or a finished piece for the public to contemplate and appreciate. I have been encompassed by both natural and local beauty the last few years I have been coming to this area everyday. This internship has provided me with even more time to really sip in everything Liberty Station has to offer outside of a one-story high school. 


Let me walk you to my favorite places—where I like to stop and stare—in no particular order.




1. “Sisterhood” by Mary Buckman

This statue is located between Barracks 15 and Barracks 16 and was installed in 2016 by Mary Buckman for the Women’s Museum of California, who have since relocated. This is one of my favorite pieces because my initial interpretation of it was the relationship between youthful girls and older women—how these two ideas of womanhood are in constant battle with each other in our society. However, I came to learn it was to demonstrate the connection between Kumeyaay (koo-mee-eye) women and western women. I was all the more intrigued about what messages different people took away from this statue. Every now and then I love stopping by to see if a new meaning comes to mind, especially when I’m with friends. 


2. “Home” by Scarlette Baily 

Home by Scarlette Baily is a new mural recently painted last October, that I had the pleasure of seeing in progress. Everyday, when I had work for those weeks, I would capture the work in real time, from bare white pillars to the complete colorful mural it is now. It is my favorite archway in all of Liberty Station for the vibrancy it brings to this district. The meaning behind the mural is to showcase the combination of all of those that called Liberty Station their home. It pays homage to the Navy Training Center and Indigenous roots of Point Loma. The colors tie both identities so well together you just have to stop and stare. Vibrant and bright they mural depicts the native flowers and blue Navy soldiers coming home. This mural is located between Barracks 15 and 16, and it is definitely a place you should take fun pictures at.


3. “Facetime” by Miki Iwasaki

Facetime by Miki Iwasaki was a sculpture that was introduced to me by my art teacher at High Tech High Media Art when on an art walking field trip. You can find these three sculptures in the Sybil Stockdale Rose Garden and sit in them—to have face time with friends and family, literally be face-to-face. It’s one piece I really adore because of the intentionality of materials used, that decay over time, rusts, and will naturally be gone one day. The commentary is about a lack of privacy, a need for shelter most of us feel in this digital age of technology. As a Gen Z kid I found resonance with this meaning. I appreciate this exhibition so much because it speaks so much to being human and conversing. Bringing us back to the daily beauty that Liberty Station encourages through the art displayed here: the art I love here (at least to me) reminds one to have adoration in the simple day-to-day tasks.



Even without the art, you feel enraptured simply being in Liberty Station when the wind rushes through the trees and a mixture of languages and laughter carries in the air all around you. Liberty Station is the perfect hub for humanity to be human. 

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