20 Ways SDWI Supports & Celebrates Writers

January 28, 2024

1. By being! We provide a safe and nurturing place for writers to gather for work or social interaction and networking, and we serve as a hub for the literary community.


2. Classes and groups and workshops, oh, my…both in person and virtually, wherever we can serve you.


3. Employs instructors and workshop leaders who are working writers themselves, with deep knowledge and experience in their field.


4. Provides up-to-date and current information on our website and through our newsletters, emails, blogs, and social networks.


5. Creates times and places for writers to come together to share their work through open mic readings and readings and talks by featured guests.


6. Hosts gatherings and events where writers come together in support and celebration of themselves and their art and craft.


7. Provides low-cost and free events and scholarship opportunities to ensure an open door to all.


8. Offers opportunities for writers to publish their work through our annual anthology, and other publications and contests, and lists additional opportunities through other organizations.


9. Writers, Ink is a community-builder and creates a welcoming environment to its members and participants—both in person and virtually.


10. Writers, Ink is a nonprofit organization and invites members to support our mission and goals through financial contributions and by participating in fund-raising events and gift-giving.


11. A volunteer board of directors, experienced in nonprofit organization and management, guides the direction of the organization, ensuring adherence to the mission and financial stability.


12. A professional executive director and staff who develop creative as well as practical programming options for all levels of interest and experience of members and participants, oversee the day-to-day operations, communicate with membership, other organizations, businesses, and the public at large.


13. Collaborates with other literary, arts, and cultural organizations to expand opportunities for members and create a more extensive network within the community and nationwide.


14. Provides professional opportunities for instructors and workshop and group facilitators.


15. Creates internships and mentorships for high school and university students and others.


16. Offers volunteer positions and assignments for members and others to support the organization and experience being a vital and integral part of the community.


17. Advocates for writers through Banned Books Week presentations, Pride Week events, Black and Women’s History months, and supports opportunities for writers to be paid for their work.


18. Supports and celebrates writers by hosting authors’ readings and book launch events and other experiences where authors can display and sell their books.


19. Creates an inspiring space through Inspirations Gallery where local artists exhibit their work, which also creates a dialogue between visual art and the written word.


20. Our mission statement says it all: Nurtures writers and fosters a literary community by promoting literature, providing artistic development for writers at all levels, and facilitating artistic collaboration.

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