2o Unofficial Holidays for Writers & Readers

January 22, 2024
1. Happy National Thesaurus Day (1.18.2024)

Celebrate this day to find a new word to say what you really mean! Do this by playing a new word game on your phone or with friends. Don’t forget to flip through a used thesaurus at your local library or used bookstore.



2. National Haiku Writing Month (February) 

Start the month with your first haiku and do one each day to observe the style of the world’s shortest form of poetry during the unusual short month. A Haiku follows 3 rules: don’t be over 3 lines, no more than 17 syllables, and only 5-7-5 syllables for each line.



3. Freelance Writers Appreciation Week ( Second Week of February)

Haikus aside, don’t forget to show appreciation to the freelance writers in your life that make it easier. Send a digital thank you card to express gratitude or a handwritten card to show sentiment. Appreciation any day will never get old.



4. Library Lovers Day (2.14.2024)

This day is not only for the romantics with their partners but for the hopeless ones too! If you are in need of a romance book to get you through today, remember to stop by your local library to show them a bit of love and check out your book there. This is a day for book lovers and libraries.



5. National Read Across America Day (3.02.2024)

A holiday that just turned a little over two and a half decades old this year dating only back to 1998 is a special one for Americans: when the National Education Associations decided to have a day to encourage all children and teens alike to read more.



6. World Poetry Day (3.21.2024) 

Later on in the month of March, we celebrate poetry all over the world all in different languages because of the United Nations ruling back in 1999. They came to this decision as a way to preserve endangered languages through poetic expression.



7. National Poetry Month (April)

Although World Poetry Day is about two weeks before National Poetry Month, we still celebrate it since it was recognized in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. Use this month to explore all poetry around you and celebrate the rich culture of poets today that come from all backgrounds and cultures.



8. National Library Week (Second Week of April)

This year’s theme is Ready, Set, Library! A week of library workshops and activities for you to enjoy no matter what age. Show support to your local libraries, as they were always there to support you no matter the season and will continue to.



9. World Book Day (4.23.2024)

This day celebrates the impact books have had on us culturally and historically. It is recognised on the day many prominent authors of their time passed away, chosen by the United Nations. On this day many organizations around the world celebrate literature in their own way.



10. Personal History Month (May)

During May we celebrate all of our personal histories and identities passed to us from our families. Many people today can’t identify their great-grandparents unless they have made the effort to preserve their histories. We use May as this month to do so through storytelling, published or orally.



11. Children’s Book Week (Second Week of May)

The second week of May also recognizes Children’s Book Week! This is the time to celebrate books that allow children to imagine and speak to their hearts. Many classrooms in the U.S celebrate in a multitude of ways, but parents can too by reading to their children.



12. National LGBTQIA+ Book Month (June)

In June The LGBTQIA+ genre is celebrated in the book community because of Pride month. LGBTQIA+ authors are spotlighted alongside work written for this community.



13. Paperback Book Day (7.30.2024)

Give someone a book today! Enjoy a good novel before they break out onto the big screen. Remember this day for your friends and family members that are a booklover to their core!



14. National Book Lover’s Day (8.09.2024) 

Don’t forget this date either for your book loving friends and family! Wish them a happy day and enjoy their ramblings about their new book of the month.



15. Read an E-Book Day (9.18.2024)

Read an E-Book today and enjoy the digital highlighters and notes section technology gives you for all your emotions going through a book. Have fun looking through all your old bookmarks.



16. National Cookbook Month (October) 

Crack open that cookbook that’s been dusting in your cabinet and try a new recipe each week. Explore the world of chef’s and their beloved signature dishes that you can make at home. Opt to make your own cookbook with Thanksgiving ready recipes for next month!



17. Dictionary Day (10.16.2024)

Do you know Noah Webster? He created America’s first dictionary in 1806 and continued to expand it after that. He was born on this day that we now celebrate. Grab a dictionary and find a new word with a friend!



18. National Novel Writing Month (November)

This is an international creative writing program that is part of a U.S non-profit organization that goes by the same name. Participants are expected to write a 50,000 word manuscript throughout the month of November. Cheer on the writers as they do so!



19. National Author’s Day (11.01.2024)

On the first of this month we celebrate our favorite authors as we reminisce about our favorite pieces from them. Celebrating these outstanding authors leaves room for future readers and writers alike to explore unturned stones.



20. National Write a Business Plan Month (December)

Throughout this month anyone who wants to start a business or has one writes a business plan for the next year with their goals. Even if you don’t have plans to start a business, how do you plan to handle your business and goals? Think about your action plan to better yourself throughout this month!

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