Winter Pastimes in San Diego

December 11, 2023

Despite the city’s summer stereotype, San Diego contains countless opportunities to add to your calendar this winter. San Diegans are typically known for their laidback mindsets, where sunshine hikes and surf rides occupy their schedules. In reality, what makes San Diego unique during the holiday season is the incorporation of its typical beach aesthetic with regards to iconic wintertime festivities. Continue reading to find 5 ideas on how to have a successful holiday season in San Diego!  





1) Hotel Del Coronado

Looking for a perfect ice skating experience? Add Hotel Del Coronado to your list! Located directly on the beach, San Diego’s famous hotel is known for its magical holiday festivities. This skating by the sea experience is special due to its beachfront view, sparkling lights overhead, and more. Branching on from just ice skating, individuals can find captivating light shows, delicious hot chocolate, and beautiful Christmas trees, all at the same location! More Information: click here


2) Christmas Card Lane 

A trip to the infamous Christmas Card Lane is another must do. A more lowkey environment, individuals will find multiple streets filled with booming lights and captivating houses to admire. Families always have a blast walking or driving around the scenery, gazing at the dazzling decorations. Ranging from Harry Potter, Disney, and countless other recognizable characters, the houses on these streets truly outdo themselves to emphasize a certain theme and bring the holiday spirit to life. Additionally, there are multiple stands throughout the neighborhood selling hot chocolate and treats, wrapping the atmosphere into one giant present for us all to enjoy.


3) SeaWorld Christmas Celebration

Returning back to the sea, San Diego’s famous SeaWorld Christmas Celebration contains fan favorite holiday pastimes. Including award winning ice skating shows, multiple lit up Christmas trees, delicious holiday foods, and famous characters such as “Santa” and “Rudolph” walking around, SeaWorld carries an exciting holiday spirit. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, multiple arctic exhibits are located throughout the park, which contain penguins, walruses, and beluga whales. These exhibits provide a sense of the winter atmosphere, so regardless of what you celebrate, everyone is able to enjoy the chilly season! More Information: click here 


4) Simple Winter Activities 

If holiday celebrations aren’t your thing, there are still activities to benefit from in San Diego during winter. Arguably better this time of year, going to any beach and watching a winter sunset is a perfect way to end your day. With the ability to pack your own tasty foods and a towel, having a sunset beach dinner with yourself, family, or friends is ideal in winter, as the temperatures never get too cold. Additionally, there are multiple locations where you can create a bonfire right on the sand, including Moonlight Beach and La Jolla Shores. Roasting up marshmallows and creating s’mores to share is an ideal bonding experience, let alone doing it at such a beautiful location. A side note, most of these bonfires are first come first serve, so be sure to plan ahead! 


5) Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

Finally, if you’re into classics, watching Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Old Globe theater is your new priority. This timely show tradition is reaching its 26th year onstage, having a running time of one hour and 25 minutes (no intermission). Grab a cup of hot chocolate and head to your seat to heal your inner child by watching the evil Grinch onstage in front of you! Filled with a fantastic cast, impressive set, and a wonderful soundtrack, the tale plays out in a way never seen before. Running through the entirety of December, except for Christmas Day, the show is a fantastic way to spend an evening! More information: click here 



It turns out San Diego is truly the perfect place to be! Even in the chilliest months, there are numerous ways to busy yourself and your loved ones throughout the city. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night! 

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