I’m Kingston:

Get to Know Me!

April 19, 2023

Hey! My name’s Kingston Matthews, and I’m an intern for San Diego Writers, Ink. I’m a junior at High Tech High International, and I’ll be graduating in Spring of 2024! I would like to go to college; even though I’m not entirely sure where I’d like to go, I have a few in mind, preferably somewhere out of California. I want to be a movie director. Throughout my years of existing, I have had a lot of movie ideas! Since I don’t know how to make movies, or at least make them exactly how I want them to look, I ended up writing them down. My interest in writing began in 2nd grade, and I started to do creative writing on my own during 7th grade. I try to write stories in every genre but struggle with writing romance, mystery, and horror, but I’m getting better. Being at San Diego Writers, Ink will definitely help me with my overall writing ability. I was born and raised here in San Diego, California, but in 5th grade I moved to Texas for a school year because of my dad’s job at the time. My interest in running track peeked at this time, and fast forward to today, I’m the track captain for sprinters at my school! The things I enjoy doing besides writing stories would be playing video games, going outside, watching anime, and hanging out with my family or friends.

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