Get Your Work Out There with Writers Who Submit

February 22, 2023

Rebecca Chamaa and Joyce Hayden have been writing since the pandemic began in 2020. They created “Writers Who Submit” recently, only having a few meetings so far. They created this online group to make time for themselves and other writers to submit pieces a few times a week. 


Here’s how it works! You start the class by setting an intention for the hour and sharing it—anything from researching places to post your pieces to just typing stuff out. Then, around the end of the class, you unmute yourself and share how well you followed that intention. It’s a mix of an accountability group and support group. 


“It’s a gift to oneself to set aside that hour and accomplish something,” Joyce says. 


The group meets on Tuesdays from 12 PM – 1 PM PST via Zoom. It’s a drop in, so last minute attendees are welcomed. It’s also only $5 to attend! What could be better than a quick, cheap, weekly check in? 


Ready to be a writer who submits? Learn more and sign up for the group here! You can also check out our other writerly groups, classes, and opportunities on our main Writing & Reading groups page here.


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