Conspiracy Theories to Help Fuel Your Next Writing Project

January 24, 2023

If you’re struggling with writer’s block and can’t find anything to write about, watch a documentary or read a few articles on some conspiracy theories to get your creative juices flowing! Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I go on a search for some super interesting conspiracies to write a little story about. Bigfoot sightings, aliens and UFOs, kidnappings, and the Illuminati are just some of the very well known conspiracy theories. You can dive deeper and even look at some ghost stories and murder mysteries if you’re super into crime podcasts and whatnot. Here’s a list of my favorite conspiracies and some documentaries/research tools about them that can help inspire your writing!



The Denver International Airport and the Georgia Guidestones

(New World order connections?)



Short Video: (4 minutes)
Dive deeper with Scott Wolter: (42 minutes)


The conspiracies around the DIA are all very interesting. The main one is that the airport has something to do with the New World Order, their underground tunnels, and the freemasons society. Many people say the artwork and symbolic messages around the airport are also very ominous. All of this also has ties to the Georgia Guidestones, which were made by an anonymous person with lots of money who had the New World Order in mind. It’s all very interesting and seems like it could lead to something bigger. Or not—who knows!



Princess Diana’s Death



Documentary on YouTube: (49 minutes)


Princess Diana’s death spiraled so many crazy (emphasis on crazy) theories about the Royal Family and what had happened the night she died. Many people say that the Royals killed her because she knew too many secrets; others say Prince Charles planned the murder because he was having an affair with Camila. Whatever did actually happen, her note she wrote to her butler has always been a fascinating piece of evidence.



Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (Missing Plane)



Short Video: (9 minutes)


In 2014, booked for a trip to Beijing, the plane took off at night with perfect weather and a clear flight ahead. Just an hour in, both trackers went offline as the pilots signed off their radios. Missing their arrival time and having no contact, it was officially declared missing. For months after, search parties were scouring for evidence. When no evidence was found, theories quickly arose. Some conspiracies include the plane being hijacked/shot down, being caught on fire, getting hit by a nearby meteor, hiding below or above another Boeing 777 plane, aliens, and a suicide mission by the pilot. No one knows what happened, but with all the technology we have, it’s a little suspicious for it to disappear.



Skinwalker Conspiracies



Netflix Docuseries: “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” (3 seasons, 40-50 minutes/ episode)


Skinwalkers are Navajo and Native American myths and legends. The exact origins of the skinwalker myth remain unknown. They are generally said to have been evil witches with the ability to change their shape or take possession of animals and other people (terrifying). Skinwalkers are supremely powerful beings said to be nearly impossible to kill. Just like Voldemort and Fight Club, you do NOT talk about Skinwalkers; it’s just another piece of the myth and ‘murders’ surrounding them. The Netflix series I recommended is a little graphic, a little scary, and super addicting, so keep that in mind!



Birds Aren’t Real; They’re Government Drones



Short Video:


A joke conspiracy mostly made by Gen-Z is that birds don’t exist and are really drone replicas installed by the U.S. government to spy on Americans. The creator has stated that it’s purely satire and they know birds are real. It’s supposed to mirror the other ridiculous conspiracies around the U.S. like “the earth is flat” or “the weather is controlled by the government.” The YouTube video tells you all about the creator leading fake protests and how it’s all a joke.



It doesn’t matter the stance you take on the conspiracy; the point of learning about these is to get unstuck on your current writing project and to get inspired!

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