Delightful Artists of Liberty Station

January 17, 2023

Liberty Station is celebrating its 100th anniversary. As you know, Liberty Station is a beautiful place to walk around with friends and family. Eating, shopping, exploring and more, this charming urban village has it all! Though the food and activities are amazing here, the main attraction many come to see is the ARTS DISTRICT. The Arts District has almost 120 galleries for your enjoyment and to meet local artists! As you’ve probably heard about, a big event that Liberty Station has for all of these artists is First Friday when studios all over Liberty are open to the public to check out. Here are 3 magnificent artists I talked to about their work!



Lisa E Fine Art

Visual Artist



2730 Historic Decatur Road #203, Upstairs in Barracks 16


Lisa Elizabeth makes wonderful abstract pieces using many colors and patterns. She’s been painting for the majority of her life and graduated from Sonoma State University with an art studio and art history degree. She has many pieces on her website that are all stunning and use different mediums and styles of painting. When I walked into their lovely studio, I was greeted by many different pieces sprawled out over the room, but the first one that caught my eye was “Weightless Thoughts” (my personal favorite) in the Blade Series! It reminds me of a bright spring day with multicolored grass twisting and turning in the wind.



Catherine Carlton

Visual Artist



2770 Historic Decatur Road #214, Upstairs in Barracks 14



Catherine Carlton makes lots of mixed media pieces; some of her most well known in her “Bird and Wildlife” and “Dogs, Cats and Horses” series. Catherine has been painting, designing, and making sculptures for over 30 years, and she is inspired by what is new and unique in the world of design. She has 7 series on her art website and many more pieces on her project website where she showcases all of the artwork and murals she’s made in the United States and abroad! Catherine’s studio showcases many of her paintings, but my favorite that caught my eye was “Storms Edge” in her landscape section. I also absolutely love her “Celestial Connections” series that also features a bunch of landscape paintings.



Verre Designs

Glass Artist



2770 Historic Decatur Road #205, Upstairs in Barracks 14


Lisa Maywood, creator of Verre Designs, makes magnificent glass artwork. She has a few of her pieces in her gallery, but much of the work she’s done is custom glass windows for churches and homes in the United States and abroad. She graduated from a school in Switzerland, The Ecole de Vitrail et de Création, with a diploma in stained glass creation in 2002! She opened Verre Designs in 2002 after coming back from Switzerland. Lisa has a few of her galleries up on her website and her previously done commission for many people. On her Etsy page, my favorite piece is a custom order “Fused Iridescent White Heart Dish,” which is just gorgeous!



Overall, Liberty Station is a wonderfully diverse place for all artists to showcase their work! You can come check out these artists’ work and more on the next First Friday on February 3rd.

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