read & critiques

Our read and critique groups are a small collection of writers who encourage and provide regular help to one other.

Read & Critiques.

What Is a Read & Critique?

Any kind of writing requires work and effort, but joining a read and critique group can move you in the right direction. Joining a group means making a commitment to write something each month, polish it, and share it with the group. Also, joining means making a commitment to carefully critique the other members’ manuscripts and come prepared to help others. Whether you are working on a new piece already, want to start a new project, or need to revise an existing manuscript, the read and critique experience may be just for you.

How Do I Join?

These are ongoing read & critique groups with limited registration. Members pay monthly for their ongoing participation. Members are required to pay for the entire month regardless of how many sessions they attend. In Read & Critiques with waitlists, participants must pay for missed months to keep their place.


To pay monthly by PayPal after initial registration, set up your payment to be issued to noting the instructor and Read & Critique time. Please include this information in the subject line of check payments as well.


Please note that if you are looking for a group that offers you the chance to write free from editing or critique, you should join one of our writing and reading groups.

Current Read & Critiques


with T. Greenwood

Join best-selling novelist Tammy Greenwood for a chance to workshop your novel with a small group of writers.
Every Wednesday

with T. Greenwood

Ready to share the fictional worlds you have created and receive feedback from others? Join this supportive group!
Every Thursday

with T. Greenwood

Work alongside other writers in a safe, constructive, and productive environment to improve your fiction writing.
Second & Fourth Tuesday of Every Month

with Robin “R.D.” Kardon

Seeking feedback on your novel from a small group of fellow writers and an award-winning novelist? Join this group!
First & Third Tuesday of Every Month

with Teresa Carpenter

Ready to receive feedback on your fiction writing? Join this committed group of writers led by a published author.
Every Tuesday

with Judy Reeves

Ready to take your memoir to the next step? Join this supportive group to find your groove and regain perspective.
Every Wednesday

with Mark Clements

Discover perspectives in yourself and others that will help you fulfill your own goals and intentions as a writer.
Every Monday

with Rich Farrell

Join this supportive writing group and receive feedback from your peers and a published author. Open to all genres!
Every Thursday

with Rich Farrell

Join us and have your work read in an open, inviting group of writers under the guidance of a published author.
Every Thursday

with Rich Farrell

Receive constructive feedback from other writers in a small, supportive group setting led by a published novelist.
Second Saturday of Each Month

with Tania Pryputniewicz

Grow as a writer and reader of poetry and join this heart-centered but unflinching group of poets once a month.