one-on-one consultation

We offer personalized consultation services to assist you with any step of your writing project, from inception to completion.

One-on-One Consultation.

Is there a topic or subject that you are hoping to learn one-on-one from one of our instructors? Or are you at a point in your writing where you would benefit from a manuscript review or feedback session? Or maybe you are looking for an editor, a coach, or a ghost writer. 


Please contact us with what service you are looking for and a bit about your project. For a manuscript evaluation, please also send us what genre you are working in, the length of your manuscript (12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced), as well as your preferred turn around time.


Please note that prices for one-on-one consultations and manuscript evaluation vary from instructor to instructor; any budgeting considerations are helpful to note in your email as well.