digital ink

We offer cloud-based Zoom recordings of certain classes for anyone that is unable to attend the live virtual session.

What is Digital Ink?

Digital Ink is a discounted cloud-based Zoom recording available to distance and out-of-state learners, or anyone with scheduling conflicts unable to attend the live virtual session. Not every class has a Digital Ink option, so please refer to the class you are interested in to see if the class will be recorded. You can see our complete list of classes on our Classes & Workshops page. 

Pricing & Delivery

Enrollment fees are $10 less than the price of the live class. A link of the recording will be emailed to you the day after the live class is conducted. Students will have 72 hours from then to retrieve it before the link is deactivated.

Privacy Disclaimer

For those who sign up for the live session of the course, please note that the class will be recorded. Please be advised that you will be asked to click on a disclaimer that the session is being recorded once you are in the Zoom meeting. However, please note that only the “Active Speaker with Shared Screen” will be recorded and that participant names are automatically omitted from the recording.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Programs Assistant Madi Bucci at