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We offer classes and workshops for all skill levels in many genres including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoir, and playwriting.

Classes & Workshops.

Our instructors are experienced writers in their genre, and class size is limited to ensure personal attention and lively interaction. Please visit our policies page to learn about cancellations, refunds, and other important information that affects your class registration. Please note that by signing up for a class, you agree to these terms.

Current Classes & Workshops


with Puja Shah

Join us for a special extended version of our Monthly Mindfulness & Writing group and dive deeper into your craft.

with Rich Farrell

Zoom out to learn how the plot steps you make create the overall pattern and meaning of the story you want to tell.

with Rich Farrell

Where the writer puts their pen is where the reader feels emotion. Explore how to make your readers feel something.

with Rich Farrell

Every detail you choose can work on a metaphorical level. Explore how stories can create truth through the details.

with Rich Farrell

How do writers create suspense? What gets readers to keep reading? Don’t keep yourself in suspense—join this class!
10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23 & 12/7

with Marni Freedman

and Tracy J. Jones

Learn the art of editing and revising your memoir to create a product that’s ready for you to share with the world.

with Rich Farrell

Plotter versus pantser? Perfectionist versus instinctualist? Let’s talk about the ways that writers make stories.

with Rich Farrell

Try new techniques on how to repeat images in your writing in ways that will blur the lines between prose & poetry.

with Rich Farrell

As we wrap up the year, look at why we still choose to create, how to believe in the magic of stories, and more.

with Rich Farrell

Discuss how writers can revise their work through a 3-part drafting concept: exploration, structure, & polishing.