our organization

San Diego Writers, Ink is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers classes, workshops, readings, and other literary events.

About Our Organization.

We hang our literary hats at Inspirations Gallery, a bright and creative space in ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station in Point Loma. Here, writers and artists and those who love literature gather for literary events and art exhibitions. We’re an enthusiastic collaborator with many artistic, cultural, and community organizations and join with others throughout the city and county in promoting literature and creating community.

Our Mission

San Diego Writers, Ink nurtures writers 

and fosters a literary community by:

  • serving as a hub for the literary community,
  • promoting literature,
  • providing artistic development for writers at all levels, and
  • facilitating artistic collaboration

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

At SDWI, we aim to become more equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist. We strive to be a writing community for ALL writers, and to that end have created the following goals to help us become an even more diverse community.

  • We will recruit instructors and students of different abilities, ages, backgrounds, cultures, gender identities, and sexual orientations, including BIPOC and similarly marginalized communities.

  • We will provide board members and instructors opportunities to participate in equity and inclusion training and learning sessions throughout the year.

  • We will revisit SDWI’s scholarship program, in order to use these funds to better serve under-represented writing populations.

  • We will create programs that serve those in a greater geographic region, through library, non-profit, and community organization partnerships.

We want to remain transparent and accountable; this is a fluid document. However, our hope is that through revisiting and working toward these goals and evaluating our progress, we will be better able to serve writers and our community.

Our People

Our Instructors

Did you take a class with us a while ago by “That One Person, They Were Great, What Was Their Name?” Learn about our instructors here!

Our Board

Our board members employ their wide variety of backgrounds in writing and literature to help move our organization forward.

Our Staff

Our staff is passionate about writing and we work diligently to bring you all of the programs that you know and love.

Our Inkterns

Inkterns are vital to our organization, they assist us with everything from content creation to gallery assistance and more.